If the Pandemic ended right now, what's the first thing you would do?

Aaron O'Leary
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Stepping into 2021 there is some optimism that things might start going back to normal to some point and I'm curious what's the first thing you would do if everyone went back to normal right now? For me, I'd probably just go to a restaurant. I miss dining out so much


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Would definitely go in another country for a few days
Hi there :))
@vlad_burcin yes, same for me :))
Resto :)
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Going back to Italy and see my family
Fly to see my parents. It's been absolutely ages!
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Live music. Don't care what it is - just get me in front of some BIG speakers to rock my soul! 🔊 🎵
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@nathansvirsky i also miss concerts much!
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@nathansvirsky yes! definitely going to a concert and dancing is #1 for me
@nathansvirsky I miss this too!!! The last one was Limp Bizkit in March'20 and it was lit AF
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@nathansvirsky Yeah. If there's a post-covid camping music festival. I'm in.
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Visit my parents (Germany & Switzerland) and my sister and her first child (Belgium)
I’d also prioritize seeing the people that matter.
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See the sea.
Visit the another country and if I like it there then stay for some months
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Would definitely go out at some place to relax
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backpack across europe and latin america! I miss them roads..
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No brainer: First visit family abroad, then go on a v long trip far away.
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I will move to Colombia.
I'm building my first SaaS company
I will travel like never before!
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100% absolutely live sports. It's only when it's no longer an option does one ever realize how much the seasons, the playoffs, the collective joy, grief, banter, petty scrutinies and in-jokes and superhuman feats have dictated the rhythm and a sense of grounded balance for me since when I was a child. In so many ways it's almost miraculous that you can get tens of thousands of people who are strangers and who more or less chose to support a team arbitrarily and cannot for the most part influence the outcome of the game at all (or risk being a paraiah a la Steve Bartman) just for that moment of collective cathartic joy that one hopefully can experience once in their lifetimes.
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Meet ALL the friends that I haven't been able to see as much
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Plan a big get together for fam & friends!
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Same, I'd go to my favorite local place. I've gotten take out a couple times, but miss sitting down a lot
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travel and still work remotely
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A big ole roadtrip.