Ideas for PH-like small SaaS

Daniil Okhlopkov
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Hey πŸ‘‹ Sometimes I can come up with an idea that perfectly fits the Producthunt vibe. Usually, it is a SaaS but really small, so it can be someone's pet project. If you have the same ideas, let's share them here! It might help the new members to start with something small but cool & useful! My attempt: Simple & Sexy monitoring of your product key metrics. (inspired by YC Startup School dashboard). 1. You code secret endpoint that returns the key metrics (DAU, Retention, $$$) 2. SaaS calls this endpoint each day and saves result 3. You receive a sexy & simple dashboard for all your pet projects. It can be viewed on a large TV or in iOS app widget. Let's start our day with growing metrics motivation!


Sydney Cohen
This seems fun ! would use that, not sure I would pay for it though
Jon James
Someone should make an online tool to calibrate your monitor. Kind of like: 1. Here's an image 2. Increase the contrast until you can barely see the X 3. Lower the brightness until... whatever etc. - I was looking for one recently and all solutions seem to be an .exe that you download, and is pretty complicated.
Daniil Okhlopkov
@jondotjames is there somewhere a guide how to calibrate it? Because for me all monitors look like already calibrated automatically somehow.
Jon James
@okhlopkov yeah there's guides and YouTub videos around, but nothing super simple. That I could find, anyway
Daniil Okhlopkov
@jondotjames ok, I got it. But don’t all modern monitors have auto calibration?
Roy Derks
Sound a bit like ChartMogul
Rauno Metsa
Cool idea. I think Leo is working on something similar, if anyone is interested: ($500 MRR right now)
james filipso
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Kausambi Manjita
Well for me Grammarly is the PH for my everyday writing :D
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α—°α—©α™­ ᒍ.
Well, we released it as just a prank iMouse - Turn your iPhone into a mouse. But "iMouse" seems like a cool idea so you have a mouse on you at all times for your iPad! And the idea from us and others in the comments is that it would technically can be possible to use the light, camera, and maybe the phone's sensors also to track the movement.