Instagram Automation tools - DEAD?

Daniil Okhlopkov
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It is funny how almost all Instagram Automation tools were banned this month - all major players Jarvee, Tooligram etc. are facing a lot of problems with their users being banned for just liking one or two photos. This is funny because our free open-source tool ( Gram Up and Gram Up) Family still works! I still receiving a ton of likes from Family like a year ago when we had no bans from Instagram. FYI Gram Up Family is an open-source Instagram engagement pod where everyone put likes to everyone - you receive likes from other participants. And it is free - you only need to install our extension: We have released the tool this year and received a lot of upvotes on Producthunt!


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Do you know other services that still works? I really want to connect with them
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Our product works because it doesn't aim to be a bot, it's a helper. Is does everything that a human promoting page would do, only automatically. Era of "get 1000 followers per day" is gone, now it's time for organic and real growth.
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Have you ever used Instagram automation tools?
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I see they are really dying. Can't say that crowd sourcing methods of pumping your followers and account rating doesn't work, but more or less it seems that Facebook is pressuring all ways to automatise following, likes and so on. But they also share great new API for automation tools – you can post pictures and do other staff in auto-mode that makes development still ok, but w/o any fraud
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