IDEA VALIDATION: Buy me a coffee with Crypto

sulyman moyo
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I've always wanted to accept donations in crypto from my users, So i built a service to help me do just that after a little testing i've decided to open it up Check out : Frada Please I'll appreciate your feedback


sulyman moyo
I'd appreciate any form of feedback
Freya Garci
You should check this site to order any paper type you need. Just a few clicks, and you will find everything that is relevant to you.
Alice Rodgers
Depends on your auditory. If they r sophisticated crypto users - it's gonna work; if the their crypto knowledge ends at bitcoin and doge coin - nope. Make a small user research) lets say interactive poll or survey and ask you users Do u have crypto? do u invest in crypto? do u use crypto in daily operations? do u mine crypto? what crypto do u have? etc you can use typeforms or simple insta/facebook polls, google forms
Tyler Dane
Curious if you've done any research on how big your target audience is? I ask because if this is something that's you're hoping to make a lot of revenue from, it'd obviously depend on high volumes. It seems like a very small % of people actually want to support others in this way, let alone with crypto