I will record a "think aloud" session of your Ship page

Nick Martin
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Hi fellow hunters! I was thinking of ways to contribute a little to the community and came up with the idea of recording a short Loom where I "think out aloud" going over your Ship page. Drop your Ship page in a comment below, and I'll reply with a short Loom. Don't add additional information; I want a fresh view of your page.


Tetiana Nikolaieva
@nicholasjohnmartin Thank you very much for your feedback. We need to understand what really needs to change. But we can't do it without feedback. Now we have more information to think about.
Janet Granger
What a great idea and offer, Nick! (You're doing this in BALI? Good for you!)
Nick Martin
@janet_granger thanks Janet, yeah I've been living here for 10 years now. Time flies when you're having fun!
Nick Martin
I honestly thought I would get a lot more requests :) Maybe I just go "hunting" and add some recordings here myself :)