I need some advice regarding my NFT Game project. Is any NFT game developer or expert here?

Marco Shira
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I am planning to start a NFT based Game project . Any NFT Game developer or expert who likes to share their experience and issues that I may encounter during my development journey.


Polaco Jovonovich
I've worked in the NFT space for a few years, mostly Ethereum and not a lot of gaming. What kind of game? Play to earn? or just NFT assets? You'll probably want to go with Polygon, Solana or any other cheap-gas blockchain, otherwise gas fees will kill you and your customers! Choose a blockchain where the wallet is popular / easy to use, and is used by the top marketplaces (e.g. Opensea). Always use IPFS for metadata and also media. Hhhmm anything else specific just ask ;)
Alize Farooq
I would love to share the koowlege, if you have any question related to https://apkthrong.com/evocreo-mo... this game. I have pretty experience in it.
Xdio Gawer
You are still doing the job in a pretty nice way I would recommend Play Store APK you can get some inspiration from here.
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Diana Annu
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