Hiring React Js Development Company Vs Freelance React Js Developer- Which one is better

Marco Shira
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Hello I want your review, what will be your choice.


Graeme O’Connor
I think it really depends on how core React JS skills are to your business. But if they are core I would look to keep them inside. If at the start you can't afford a full time employee then look for freelancers who would be open to joining full time eventually
Marco Shira
@iamgoconnor Thanks for advice, What's your thought about hiring a company that can provide React JS developers for a limited time? It takes a lot of time to select a freelancer when there are too many options, and I am not interested in a full-time developer because it's a small project.
shaik ikbhal Basha
hire freelancer, if you like him, then ask him to onboard later
Andrew Fan
Hi, Marco It really depends on your needs. Freelance is a good choice if you are looking for rare skills and unique expertise because freelance websites offer a wide variety of specialists from all around the globe. The cost is often attributed to freelance advantages, but this is not always true. It may vary depending on the location of the specialist and his expertise. The hourly rate can reach up to $50-70/h. But as access to a broad skillset, freelance is a thing. With react js development company, you can save time recruiting and onboarding programmers. It also cuts the time for team formation since an outsourcing company provides all needed specialists, and you don’t need to look for additional ones, so the overall time for development is reduced. It is also a good choice if you need more than one developer for your project. Development companies offer a team of professionals (developers, designers, PMs, QA specialists, etc.) that already play well together, hence, work more effectively and harmoniously. We had an article where we described the difference between hiring an outsourcing team and a freelancer in more detail - www.upsilonit.com/blog/why-is-it.... Maybe you will find it helpful for your specific case.
Iryna Hanchevska
In my experience: better to hire an in-house engineer if you need to keep the skills in-house, it's a strategic solution and you know this person would be needed for a long time. Better to outsource if it's a short-term need, you need to extend the team quickly. Moreover, you have access to pre-selected candidates with desired skills set or/and expertise. Freelancers are good and cheap, but it's challenging to find a good fit among a large number of engineers and is very time-consuming.
Kate Soft
Hi! It depends of your budget of course. Basically you know that freelance is cheaper. But you need to know the experience level of hired freelancer. If you're going to hire freelancer - take a look at questions you can ask on interview: https://keenethics.com/blog/reac...
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Juan Mark
There are pros and cons to both hiring a React Js development company and working with a freelance React Js developer. It really depends on your specific needs and budget as to which option is better for you. I think React JS development Company is better because you should recognize new things and technologies are working with your friends and colleagues. Now you can better understand so let's contact!