I need feedback on one of my product features.

Avinash Roy
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So i have been working on Eduauraa which is a learning platform for students in India. Our website is fairly new and I wanted feedback on the UX/UI of the website and the app. The app is available on Google Play as of now. It would be great if you could give feedback and suggestions for the web design and the app. Here is the link for the website https://www.eduauraa.com/ . *We are not using any CMS hence it is highly customizable.


Ali Shah
The main hero image appears blurry on my screen. Make sure your images are optimized and not pixelated. Also, I would add a header about what it is that you actually do... when you land on the page, all you see is the word Education, Entertainment, a price, some classes, and the languages it's available in. Try watching some YouTube videos on "Value Proposation" development and Copywriting. You need to communicate your value upfront, not below the fold of the page. Hope this helps!
Tanoy Chowdhury
I liked the website, however, I have this feeling that the text could've been cut down a bit. Right now, the text looks heavy when I scroll down till the end of the page.
Jasper Ruijs
Hey Avinash, great looking website and app. Here is my UI/UX/ growth hacking advice: #1 I learned, from interviewing multiple growth hack experts, that if you want buttons to be clicked, they should be yellow, red, or purple. The data shows that orange is suboptimal. #2 Use drops shadows on the images and cards to increase the contrast with the background. #3 Simplify the website. As a visitor, I didn't know what you wanted to prioritize. Do you want me to download the app, send me my phone number, or book a free trial? #4 Remove HOME from the navigation bar. The logo acts functions as a link to the main page. #5 In terms of copy, you briefly mention in 4 cards the jobs to be done and then go into a product-oriented explanation. I would add more copy about customer-oriented benefits instead of explaining how your features work. #6 Why don't you start with the video? You put much effort into making it. The user wants to feel and see how the experience is of the app, which converts better. #7 Unless Zee5 has become as big as the App Store of Apple. You are better off in terms of downloads in putting a go to the apple store button there. #8 I miss user stories and feedback. Let your customers speak for you. If you want to try out something, try customer video testimonials. It sets you apart from the competition. #9 You could add, like other PaaS companies, a chatbot. If you want better feedback, use https://usabilityhub.com/.