I made a YouTube video about how to find a hunter for your PH launch. Any feedback? πŸ™

Alexander Isora πŸ¦„
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Hello Product Hunt! I'm a founder of a bootstrapped SaaS ($10k MRR). Since 2016 when I started my career as an entrepreneur, I learned tons of useful stuff. One of the topics I'm really good at is how to launch your own product on Product Hunt. This is why I'm making a series of videos about launching on Product Hunt πŸ™‚ I was feeling really nervous and insecure because English is not my native language πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ I hope this nasty emotion will go away as I continue to create videos. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my video and tell me if you have any suggestions about how I can improve. Any critics are welcome: the picture, the content, the memes, the speech, the non-verbales, etc. The first video tells about how to find a hunter for your launch why you actually should not do it:
Gear: iPhone 13 mini + mic Boya BY-M1.


maybe I'm the first to comment? Please be away from the sun next time. 🀣 The picture and text could be resized or double screen to show these screenshots.
Alexander Isora πŸ¦„
Hey @daocaoit πŸ‘‹ > Please be away from the sun next time. 🀣 My GF placed the camera very well. I was too afraid to stand up and change anything. So I decided to continue suffering from sunbeams striking my eyes πŸ₯² > The picture and text could be resized or double screen to show these screenshots. I'm sorry I think I did not understand this one. Were the screenshots too large or too small?
@alexanderisora I think, just in my opinion, you could be like the professional video maker, the screenshots display on left or right, do not cover yourself. Just my opinion, it's also ok now.
Alexander Isora πŸ¦„
@daocaoit hm-m yeah, I understand this point. Poping-in screenshots break the visual connection with a speaker (me). But do you think it will be fine to see the small sized screenshots on mobile devices?
Atul Ghorpade
Will definitely watch it, Alexander. Btw, I also know you from IH. πŸ˜ƒ
Matt Visiwig
Hey Alex, "I was feeling really nervous and insecure because English is not my native language" While you're English isn't perfect, it's clear enough to not be an issue. My biggest criticism is sound. You're at a complete disadvantage when you're recording outside. With light music and the environment sound, it's just hard to listen to for an extended time. The benefit of having a lively setting is outweighed by low quality sound.
Alexander Isora πŸ¦„
@mattvisiwig hi Matt. Thanks for the feedback! I agree that choosing a public cafe with music was a fiasco πŸ₯² I will prefer only quiet places from now on.
Bertha Kgokong
Great video, I enjoyed it and I am sure many new people will learn a lot from this. It is definitely better than reading 1000 word articles
Alexander Isora πŸ¦„
@berthakgokong hey Bertha! Thanks for the support πŸ’œ I believe modern content has to be both educative and entertaining. This means a creator must be not only an expert, but also has charisma and use memes. Lots of them!
Interesting video - gave me some ideas for our own launch thanks πŸ˜€
Alexandra Kazakova
Love the content, the video needs a bit of work. You can clean the sound and improve the picture by using some basic software. Otherwise - it's a great start. Can't wait for your next video.
Merrill Reisemberg
The vid is great Alex, and as a former user of Unicorn Platform I wanted to add that I love your product!
Margarita Shvetsova
Hi Alexander! Thanks very much for making this video! I just hunted our product by myself this week and I couldn't agree more :) This video is a great summary of conclusions I've come to as well + additional useful info - thanks very much for that! By the way, your English is pretty clear, so there are no problem understanding you, and the content is gold! Please keep making these videos! :) I've also heard that the top hunters have the "magic button" to send your product to the main page and they can only use it once a day... but where does this information come from? Is it really so? I've also heard that being hunted by a top hunter automatically places your product on the main page, and now I am not sure which of the two is correct.
Linda Liepa
@alexanderisora kudos for having informative video series about launching on Product Hunt! Taking notes to make our next launch better :)