I'm thinking about incorporating artificial intelligence into my work

Varvara L
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Hello everyone! To begin with, I have my own company. The work is not going badly, but still not great. I'm thinking about incorporating artificial intelligence into my work. What do you think is worth doing? And if there are those among you who already use it, then share your opinion and experience.


Jon Bill
Hey! It's good to have your company and work for yourself. But nevertheless, it is also hard work. And artificial intelligence is just a godsend. Everyone decides for himself whether or not to use it. But one thing I can say is that this is a cool technology that improves performance. On this site https://data-science-ua.com/ you can get to know him better. So ... this is very cool!
I think of AI as a tool. I personally would only use it if i had a problem similar to needing a program to recognize dog photos to be dog photos. Or for language proccessing for a specific purpose that is best implemented with AI. On the other hand there's this trend of using AI in everything which doesn't make much sense to me and believe is just a trend.
Farid Alerasoul
Hi, it really depends on the type of work your company does. There are several AI solutions for each domain. You can definitely benefit from implementing AI into your work. However, it might cost lots of time and money. You can find video analytics-related applications of AI, such as automatic surveillance systems, on this site https://www.neuralet.com You can also ask for consultation from them.
Mark Lense
Models based on the human brain are characterized by not too much expressiveness, easy parallelization of algorithms, and the associated high performance of parallel implemented neural networks, more at https://labelyourdata.com/services. Also, such networks are characterized by one property that brings them very close to the human brain - neural networks work even with incomplete information about the environment, that is, like a person, they can answer questions not only "yes" and "no", but also "I don't know for sure, but rather yes."