Are there people here who use sales process automation?

Varvara L
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Are there people here who use sales process automation? What systems do you use? It will be very interesting if you can tell how long you have been using them and what you liked.


Jon Bill
Yes, there is, I, for example. I use a CRM system for this. I need her to manage the sales process and she does an excellent job with it. This is exactly what I like about her. You can choose the right one on this site The choice is very large, so you won't leave empty-handed.
Sheiryl Jose
We are using CRM and Online Reservation Portal for our sales process :) Check our website to know more :)
Fabian Maume
I'm using Phantombuster extensively to automate outreach. I made few article about the topic on medium: I'm also using Zapier & MailerLite for mid funnel automation.
Avnish Jayaswal
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Mark Tuazon
We use CRM tools and a reservation portal you can check in our website here