I'm developing a product for home kitchen. How do I build my community

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Aleks Dahlberg
I'm no expert on home kitchen products but if I were you I'd be creating videos using it and uploading them to insta, tiktok and youtube!
Aleks Dahlberg
@w_w6 Yeah once you have the content its then about how you share it, building your community is important here - and making sure they have access to it.
Daniel Engels
You'd need to focus on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok. You don't need to be active on all of these channels - rather focus on one of them that works for you.
Qudsia Ali
Use social media to share updates about your products, and creating a FB page for cooking enthusiasts might also help.
James Bond
Create a youtube channel and upload videos. You can also run your campaign on other social media platforms. But remember to be creative.
James Salli
For a long time I could not decide on the furniture in the kitchen. I wanted to make everything modern, practical and at the same time beautiful. Gloss kitchen cabinets were a good solution. They have many advantages, for example they are easy to clean, reasonably priced and look stylish.
David James
If you want to build a community of people who want to buy your product, then yes, you need to build a community of people who want to buy your product and talk about how awesome it is. But if you want to build a community of people who are willing to pay money for your product and then talk about how awesome it is, then no, that doesn’t matter too much either. You can find both by looking at all the other things you already have online, in your life, and in your business — like Twitter and Facebook, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups — or by finding other successful businesses that are similar to yours. Regards, David James Digital Marketer | Daytona Beach Kitchen Remodeling
Ross Rawer
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Yami San
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