I challenged myself to build a product in less than a day. I made it.

Michael Andreuzza
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So, yesterday I was about to work on my micro SAAS, and I saw that my family was going to be away probably the whole day, and that meant zero distractions. - https://wickedpopups.com/ The Pop Ups are made for Tailwind CSS and are 100% free! So I decided to challenge myself to build the product and this what I had to do: - Design and build the popups. - Design and build the website where this will be displayed. - Design the logo. - Design the open graph. - Design and make favicons. - Pack it up. - Make store on Lemon Squeezey and all upload everything. - Deploy on Netlify. - Get domain and link it. - Wait for propagation. Optional. - Tweet my progress during the day. And then. I tweeted around 9.44 about the idea, and around 10.30 - 11.00 I was already working on the popups. I had to do some dad and husband things after they came home and it took away time from the challenge. I was done around 23.30 It was fun! Feel free to ask me here or on twitter: - https://twitter.com/Mike_Andreuzza


Yucel F. Sahan
it is not an easy thing to do Mike. You are one one the most productive maker I know :)
Michael Andreuzza
@yucelfaruksahan, well, I had a goal and if I wouldn't have made it would have felt funny. Also, thank you for the words!
David J. Kim
Awesome work Michael! Sounds like you went on a solo hackathon! What were some of the learnings you had?
Eugene Hauptmann
Great idea and decent execution. I saw some other guys livestream the whole experience of building the thing. Could be quite useful for #buildinpublic movement.
Karina Skrinnik
Wow, you did a great job!
Devanand Premkumar
Cheers to you and good luck with that project. This is the kind of spirit all of us should be carrying with us by building a solution to help others.