Colors & Fonts dark mode won't hurt your eyes anymore. Hopefully.

Michael Andreuzza
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Hello everyone, I have changed the layout for the color pickers and typography tools on. - 100% free to use. I also made a better dark mode. It is still dark, but it won't be too dark that is difficult to read. What will you find? ---- COLOR - Color palettes. - Color gradients. - Color contrast. - Material colors. - Tailwind colors. ( will update soon with new colors ). - Web safe colors. - Color converter. TYPOGRAPHY - Variable fonts. - Font pairings. ( will update soon with new fonts ) - Glyphs. RESOURCES - Resources for designers. - Resources for developers. - HTML Reference. - CSS Reference. On the color tools you can: ----- - Copy the whole color style. - Copy one single color. - Copy the CSS On the typography tools you can: ---- - Copy the import tag. - Copy the CSS. - Preview and edit font pairings. - Download the variable font. - Copy the CSS declaration for the variable font. - Copy glyphs. On the resources you can: ---- - Find resources for developers. - Find resources for designers. - Find HTML reference. - Find CSS reference. There is also a newsletter that I send Tuesdays to get resources on your inbox. Free and without the need of subscribe. The newsletter. - https://www.colorsandfonts.subst... The website. -


Csaba Kissi
Thank you, Michael, for the information. It seems to be a huge improvement. I like sites where you can find a lot of useful stuff in one place and C&F is one of them. 👍
Marilyn Barnes
That's fantastic news! The implementation of dark mode will definitely bring a more comfortable and eye-friendly user experience, looking forward to enjoying this improvement.