I absolutely NEED a screen recorder! Suggestions please

Vanshika Chaturvedi
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I have tried a number of screen recorders to record meetings and here are the main problems that I encountered while using them: 1. They stop recording if the host is recording the Google Meet 2. They record only the visuals and not the sound 3. The one that records sound does not record my voice when I speak Let me know if you face these issues too or am I not being able to use the settings correctly. If you have the ultimate screen recorder that does it all please suggest! (PS- I record meetings with the consent of the participants)


Jonas Schaller
The best free recording Program out there is obs (open broadcast studio) Btw that your voice wont record is probably your fault because you forgot to set your audio input device in the software :)
Vanshika Chaturvedi
@jonassc @martina_hackbartt Thank you both for your suggestion! I will definitely try it. And thank you for warning me about the audio input setup mistake :)
Talia Bender
Hi @vanshika_chaturvedi, I have been using tl;dv for google meets and it has worked great. When I record, it captures my voice and others' voices quite well. I don't know if it stops recording if the host starts recording, however. You can find it here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Vanshika Chaturvedi
@taliambender thank you for sharing this! I will try it out and let you know if it works with recording as well!
Fabian Maume
If you are on Windows you can use the recorder from the gaming hub. Use the keys window + G to access it. It has the option to record sounds you just need to enable it. Otherwise, zoom works quite well for me. The free version allows you to record up to 45 minutes. Just open a meeting with yourself, start recording and start screen sharing.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
@fabian_maume yes that is what I have been relying on for some time now. It has the same issue, it does not record the audio part when the host starts recording the meeting and does not record my microphone voice at all!
Fabian Maume
@vanshika_chaturvedi Are you speaking of Zoom?
You could just use OBS - free and would do all of the above if setup correctly.
Vedran Rasic
Loom Zoom Vidyard Mac/Windows native apps Slack?
Vanshika Chaturvedi
@vedranrasic which ONE of these do you think works the best?
Ben Cotte
I may have something for you. I had a problem to both capture my voice and the sound through my earplugs. I wrote a note on the topic which uses Soundflower: https://www.notion.so/benoitcott... Hope that helps
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
I'd suggest Loom, it worked fine for me. Although I've had issues with it a couple of times, mostly because in some videos the sound is late
Hi dear, If you hope to record in Google Meet, you can use a third-party screen recorder that won't be stopped by the host. Please try this user-friendly screen recorder RecMaster. It enables you to record your screen, system sound, microphone sound, and webcam simultaneously or separately. I think it would be perfect to help solve the problems you are having. You can find it here: https://www.producthunt.com/prod...
try appscreen recorder