humit let's you share your fav parts of your fav songs with buddies πŸ™ƒ We're live on iOS in beta πŸ”₯

Rohit Ganapathy
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Here's the iOS TestFlight Link: We've been out on Android for a while so check us out on Android here: Your feedback is golden ❀️ Keep it coming! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- humit is a social networking app for music sharing and discovery. The app lets you share 30s audio snippets of powerful moments from your favourite songs AKA β€œhums”. These hums can then be conveniently sampled by your followers in an endless feed of fresh new music. Let’s face it, music sharing on mobile is broken β€” sharing a URL through Facebook/ Messenger/ Instagram Stories/ WhatsApp means jumping between apps, and there's often no feedback on whether someone liked the song or not. On the other hand, algorithmic recommendations go no further than saying β€œhere’s another song that sounds extremely similar to the one you just listened to”. humit is here to fix all of that... Some of the latest features include 🀘 1. Reel mode πŸŽ‰: with options to like, bookmark, extend hum, toggle auto-play, reply and recommend 2. Media πŸ‘Ύ: apart from album art/ photos, you can now add GIFs to all your hums 3. Real-time messaging πŸ’¬: now you can reply to hums and chat about anything music with your friends on humit 4. Recommend hums πŸ’ͺ: share your favorite hums with your followers 1:1 5. Stations πŸ“»: moderated communities around genres, moods and themes. From #Party_Music, #TheBeatlesFC to #Space_Rap, you can find crowdsourced recommendations on virtually any kind of music. The sky’s not the limit here 6. Profile πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ: flaunt your taste in music based on your Spotify listening history, top artists and hums 7. Referral πŸ‘«: you can now start inviting your friends over to check out humit with an invite code unique to you


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I love that idea! I'll definitely trying it out :) Back in the old days I loved to exchange music on mp3 players all the time! Looking forward doing this again in a much easier way
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@mona_erb haha Mona I used to do the same :)
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Nice idea, congrats with your launch ! πŸš€
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@cica_laure_mbappe thank you so much :)
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Great work! Now I can finally share that epic intro or chorus:)