How you will decide on features if you want to build an idea that already exists?

Kartik Jhakal 👷
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Let's assume you are working on a regular product and found some gaps and problems with the existing product like bad service, unnecessary interruptions, etc. The Idea is already there in the market and has established leaders but you want to develop the solution based on the same idea. Qn- What your product feature strategy is going to be if your competitors have a lot of features because they are already established? Qn- What your Marketing strategy is going to be to get the first 50 customers?


Usetiful co-founder
To answer your first question - it does not matter that your competitors have a lot of features or they are well known. Very few successful companies started with an "original" idea - many just did the job better. To understand what better means, you need to explore niches your competitors don't serve well and identify pain points preventing customers to get their job done. This can mean missing features, but often it means unnecessary complexity, blockers in adoption, or inability to operate on a scale.
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@ondrej_dobias1 Thanks a lot. Absolutely agreed. This cleared out lots of my thoughts. 😀👍
Side features can be thought about with customer feedback. If they let you know (when you ask or not) about another problem your product could fix or make one thing easier or more user-friendly, or just improving the UI... If you think yourself of a new feature, beta testing is your solution!
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@rubenwolff - Yeah... got it. Constantly collecting feedback from our users. Also from users who are not using and don't want use our solution. Thanks 😃
@kartik_jhakal Haha yes that's more or less my thought on the topic ;)