How will you stay on top of your tasks during the Christmas period, which is usually pretty relaxed?

Mitchell Orme
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In December and around the New Year, many will take time off to be with their families, which is definitely the right thing to do, but if you're still working, how will you stay in task and focused?


Wiktoria Jaszcza
I will stay on top of your my personal "tasks". However, best of luck for those who need to keep up the pace.
I'll take the time to work on that project/task I've been putting off all year rather than powering ahead with business as usual. Allows me to enter the new year inspired and fresh!
Mitchell Orme
@hugh_dawkins I like switch in gears! That new year would have such a brilliant energy to it, knowing you've finally conquered that task you've been putting off!
Take some time off so that I can hit the new year at warp speeeeeeeddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unless those tasks are truly essential, I give myself a bit of a break til the end of the year. Plus, nothing stops me from taking my laptop to sit in front of TV (yes to "Home Alone"!), with a cup of hot chocolate and take care of some tasks there. Work combined with much needed pleasure πŸ₯°β˜•
Mitchell Orme
@justana Thanks Ana! It's good to see you're prioritising that rest, how do you determine thos essential tasks? Do you stay on socials too? Platforms like Product Hunt too?
@mitchell_orme Producthunt - yes, it's good for my soul :) SNS - anything that needs to go live will be handled by my good friend, I will spare 30 min here and there to reply to comments but that's all. For me essential in this context is time-sensitive, so that's my measuring line.
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
For me, it's just pure passion for the project. Of course, it's always a little hard to stay on top of the tasks in late December, early January, and everybody else knows it:) So no one is particularly harsh. But I'm working on pretty important stuff, so I definitely won't be slacking off, that's for sure!