Fear is a part of the startup world, what strategies do you use to overcome it?

Mitchell Orme
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Misha Krunic
Hi, Mitchell! There definitely can be a lot of stress and fear in the startup world! What you can do to deal with it is talk with people, share your concerns, actively listen to feedback, and realize that it's normal to occasionally feel that way. One of the reasons for feeling that way must be that you're invested in your project and that you want it to succeed more than anyone else! Hope I helped!
Mitchell Orme
@price2spy Thanks so much Misha! I really like your reasoning that that fear is born from being invested in the project and its success! You've given me some really great perspective here
Chris Ashby
Great thread, I've met so many startup founders who struggled with this, sometimes being scared to even just put something out there. It's difficult, and fear of doing something, of launching something, or just putting something into the world is real. The best lesson I ever learned was in learning the Hero's Journey story structure. In every hero's journey, as in our lives, the answer always comes from the hero confronting what they fear the most. Whether that is venturing inside the cave to face Darth Vader, or just opening ourselves up to criticism on the internet. Thing is, when we get past what we fear the most, that's when we find the reward, we claim the sword, and we move forward as a different person, ready to overcome what we couldn't before. The best strategy I've ever learnt to overcome fear is based on this. Reframe fear in your mind. Fear is not something to avoid, fear is something to embrace, because you KNOW the reward is on the other side of it. That reward comes in different forms, maybe it's a lesson, a success, a financial reward, or something else, but it will be there. Know that every time you're worried or nervous or afraid, then that is just a sign that this is the thing you MUST do. It is the only way. 💪
Mitchell Orme
@chrisashby Chris! Thanks so much for such an awesome response, i really appreciate the time and effort you've put into this! I love re-framing it with the hero's journey in mind! I've had a similar re-frame but based on videogames. It's often when you're heading towards enemies, foes, bosses, that you're heading in the right direction. Adversity and fear aren't things to be avoided, but rather, to be embraced! It's good for the plot!