Mayank Mishra
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Share your first week's experience for 2022!


Mayank Mishra
My first week was great, we built an experiment and it failed! but if we had great learnings.. now building another one.
Kira Leigh
@mishra_mayank Learning from failure is how we learn to do many many things. Kudos; interested to know what the experiment was, too :>
Kyleigh Smith
It was good + productive! Launched Harold 2.0 on Product Hunt Sent invites to first beta users for Published 14th issue of
Kira Leigh
It was actually really great, thanks for asking <3 I wrote an article about the Metaverse from a geriatric gamer's perspective (Second Life nods and hoping for a holistic VR path) and Hacker Noon got it up that night! Did an author interview, started onboarding a new PM, and have finally had a chance to relax in what feels like...months? Going to take a break for the next few days. Altogether, a rocking start to 2022!
Incredibly productive - started my 'new year' the day after Christmas and have been in a flow-state routine ever since. Excited to share with the world and reap the seeds being sewn! One step at a time
Mayank Mishra
@kmkmkm lovely! New year is just a mental model we put on ourselves.. the point is what do you make out of it... Looks like you're nailing it!
Focusing on the weekly goals to avoid being overwhelmed, and like @kmkmkm said it well one step at a time... So far so good, learning a lot through this journey which is exciting :)