How useful are Social Media platforms for B2B Marketing?

Misha Krunic
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Hello PH community! I was recently wondering about this topic and wanted to hear some insights from the community. I think that obviously, LinkedIn is still the #1 platform when it comes to promoting your products to other businesses. However, I want to know how do you rank the other 3 most popular networks (TW, FB, and IG). In my opinion it's TW>FB>IG. Do you agree? Do you use some other platforms such as Pinterest, for example? Let me know if you have any tips for any of these platforms and what kind of results have you been seeing from them! Cheers!


Dev Chaudhary
linkedin is the best tool according to me also
Pradeep Kumar M
In my point of view, Linkedin will be a perfect choice for B2B marketing, and it gives good results as well. In recent days Reddit is performing well along with other social platforms. In twitter look for your niche-related queries and give them the solution to solve their problem, that you will get some attraction to your services.
Misha Krunic
@pradeep_kumar_m Agreed. It's just that for me, for some reason, Reddit takes a lot of time and I can't seem to fit it in among other platforms. Thanks for your answer!
Shivangi Malhotra
I think it could be a viable option for SMB's that are looking for partnerships to upscale and predominantly use social media to reach out to their customers. However, I do think there should be a different allocated platform or community only for like-minded business owners to connect and partner for growth.
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Cica-Laure Mbappé
I think that you don't have to be super active on all SM platforms as long as you found the one that works best for your business. Obviously, I mostly focus on LinkedIn and Twitter, but I also think that Reddit is a great opportunity to drive more traffic.