How to's for marketing & sales teams

Markus Jenul
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Hi, I'm Markus✋ .. the creator of Kickscale. we set out to make it dead simple to turn questions like - “How to prepare a successful event?”, or - “How to run a successful campaign?”, or - “How to onboard new team members?” etc. into easy to understand How-to-solutions. 🎯 we are soon launching our solution and I am looking for early testers that will get free access to our playbooks. Anyone here interested? 🤓 This video will give you some ideas on how the platform works :)


Juat popping here to say I read one of your Playbooks the other day and found it very insightful, so thanks for creating/sharing!
Markus Jenul
@janinah Thank you so much. appreciate your feedback. We are soon launching our platform where you can access all our playbooks for free. Feel free to pre-save your seat :)