How to reach the most suitable early adopters for a B2B SaaS?

Grisel Dugarte
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Tons of material out there related to this, but I will love to hear from this Community. OMG, how different is to reach B2C early adopters compare to B2B (not saying is easier, its just very different approach). Any real stories to share around here? Thanks in advance! Love to hear any great ideas, I am currently working on this. Thanks! :)


Dimitris Karavias
In my (limited) experience from B2B sales the big difference is this: B2C: The buyer and user are the same person B2B: The user needs approval from the buyer (with very few exceptions) So it's not enough to convince your end user- you need to give them compelling arguments which they can use with their manager/decision maker or even better convince the economic buyer that this purchase makes financial sense to the company. Then there's the buying cycle question: The more expensive & complex the transaction, the more time it takes, more stages to go through, more boxes to tick. So it pays to be prepared and help your buyers through the hoops.
Grisel Dugarte
@dkaravias Couldn't agree more with you Dimitris! Tks for your response, we truly need to take all that into consideration. Its a more complex transaction, more risk, more people involve, there are a lot of things that must be put in place just so you can be considered as an option. I also agree as Patreek said: let's remember we must approach the correct buyer, not influencers at least to reduce the gap! Best with Restep!
Dimitris Karavias
@gd77 Thanks, all the best for Vidiwise! The last point @prateek_mathur made about the biggest mistake is pure gold
Prateek Mathur
It's not different. You are selling to people whether it's a B2B or a B2C business. I've been in B2B sales all my career and the only difference is the scale of the number of buyers and influencers you need to tap. If you are building a product that is catered to B2B, I'd highly recommend that you identify 1. The industry 2. Companies in the industry 3. Your buyers NOT influencers Email your buyers and ask them for an interview. In this interview, truly try to learn about 1. Their pain 2. How they are solving 3. How much does it cost them in terms of time and money 4. If they can save both in time and money 5. Then hypothetically, pitch what you are building The biggest mistake I keep seeing founders do is they keep focused on their users and hope that these users will magically tell their buyers about their experience and push them to buy. Instead, reach out to the buyers directly, get feedback and reduce your time to success. If they want a trial, offer it for a limited time.
Grisel Dugarte
@prateek_mathur Thanks for your approach, thats helpful! I totally agree on the part you mention: yes, we are talking to people, yes we could try just to go straight to our buyer, but where I see the difference is on the customer journey itself. B2C: if you need a tooth brush, unless you are very particular, you will decide by yourself and without too much research. There is no too much involve. B2B: if you need a new platform for managing the finance of the company you are in charge, or yours, even if you are the CEO you need to consult with others, to review different options, depending on the product you will assure it is the correct long term investment for the company, that will truly impact either on cost reduction, time saving, profitability, productivity... and go on! I do feel they are many other factors to consider compare to a B2C approach. You don't even necessary need a bunch of sales developers for selling again tooth brush, imagine the same with software.
Fabian Maume
Linkedin is a really nice channel to start with for B2B SaaS. You can easily outreach influencer in your industry by checking the hashtag feeds like: You can use Phantombuster to do that at scale. Outreaching Youtube & Quora influencer is also working quite well. In parallel of getting early adopter you need to build some equity on comparison websites like G2. It will help you a lot on the long run. If you want some help with this you can get in touch with