How to obtain a relevant number of responses to a survey?

Michele Witsenburg
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In order to better understand and define the potential customer of my product I have created a survey, but, right now, I have received not enough answers (around 100). Which are the best platforms or sites to obtain a relevant amount of responses? Which are the best and most suggested tips to achieve this goal?


Michel Gagnon
- Share your survey on platforms/groups with people who could be your potential customers, e.g. FB/LinkedIn groups, Producthunt, etc. - Do a giveaway to encourage people to respond (give away a $25-50 voucher) - Use audiences from survey companies, e.g.
Fisayomi Oni
@michel_gagnon1 Thank you for sharing. I have a survey that I am currently struggling to get people to fill.
Michel Gagnon
Pleasure. Also, make sure your survey is not too long. People get bombarded with surveys these days.