How important is photography nowadays?

Michele Witsenburg
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Do you think that starting a start-up related to the photography industry can be a profitable and successful business, considering also the key role in our society of social network and influencers whose main contents are photos and videos?


Agustin Moshier
WHat is the best way to capture memories other than through photography
It's extremely important not only for personal use but for products display and stuff. I mean, would you buy a sweatshirt not seeing it?
Emily Jackson
I am an e-commerce seller, and I think photography is a crucial part of an online business that can not be ignored. Decent and excellent product photographs carry a business identity and help you get customers’ attention instantly. According to my experience, different e-commerce platforms have different standards for images. Still, generally, they request the product images in a white or transparent background to make sure customers can see the details of the products. Removing background is an essential step that every online store owner should never miss. Personally, I always use BGremover to eliminate the backdrop from the image, and it’s straightforward to use; all I need to do is upload the image and click “process.” Owners also need image enhancers like AI Image Enlarger or AI Image Sharpener to enhance image quality sometimes. And all of these features you can find in VanceAI! VanceAI: BGremover: AI Image Enlarger: AI Image Sharpener:
Christina White
I think it's profitable. Whether business or social, there's no doubt that people need photos. I don't know what service the photography industry should offer. Oh, I see, as Emily mentioned earlier, e-commerce photos is a fantastic market! All e-commerce platforms require product images with white backgrounds. Maybe you can help people make white background commercial images. A not bad tool I used for making white backgrounds is Maybe you can utilize it to help your customers get white background images?
Ariful Islam
Yes, It's is a great profitable industry. See more about this:
Lindsey Hunt
Photography is incredibly important in today's world. It's become an integral part of our daily lives, thanks to the convenience of smartphones and the power of social media. We use photos to capture precious moments, share experiences with friends and family, and even market businesses. Photography has the unique ability to tell a story, convey emotions, and document history. It helps us connect with people from all over the globe, bridging cultural gaps and fostering understanding. So, in a nutshell, photography is not just important; it's a universal language that helps us share, preserve, and cherish the moments that matter most in our lives.
Antonio Ricca
I think this is worth knowing for everyone who is involved in photography. I recently read a useful article and learned about the benefits of a photo editor. Today there are a lot of programs that can create a unique photo. I became familiar with the methods of creating impressive visualizations and this was very useful to me in my work.
Yes! This business is Profitable if you have interest in this. I have seen many businesses like Akima kai who took it as a passion. Dive into a world of visual wonder with Akima Kai, where the beauty of underwater realms and the artistry of wood and resin meet in perfect harmony. Specializing in captivating underwater photography, Akima Kai brings to life the mysterious landscapes beneath the waves, capturing the essence of marine life and the serene elegance of aquatic environments.