How to increase email opening rate?

Ayaz Karimov
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We use some basic tricks such as: - adding emojis in the subject line; - adding questions in the subject line; - deleting unimportant emails What do you do to increase the opening rate of the newsletter?


Nim Ron
Practicing what we preach, all of Amy's engagement emails are personalized with relevant up-to-date boosters (our business version of an opening line;). This consistently increases our emails' opening rates by 10s of %.
Sara Gifford
A few approaches we try: - Make sure it comes from a real person not an info@ email address. Put a real name in there as well. - Testing before hand if it will go to the Promotions folder in gmail based on the subject we select - Avoiding the word free or exclamation points in the subject
Keeping an eye on this one - thanks for posting
Omar Laoudai
-Keep Your Email List Clean. -Segment and Personalize. -Write a Better Subject Line. -Send the Right Number of Emails. -Send Your Emails at the Right Time. -Better Emails Lead to Better Open Rates, For That i Recommand using this tool That Provides You With Validated Emails Through Embedded email verification