How to increase email opening rate?

Ayaz Karimov
4 replies
We use some basic tricks such as: - adding emojis in the subject line; - adding questions in the subject line; - deleting unimportant emails What do you do to increase the opening rate of the newsletter?


Nim Ron
Co-Founder & CEO of Amy
Practicing what we preach, all of Amy's engagement emails are personalized with relevant up-to-date boosters (our business version of an opening line;). This consistently increases our emails' opening rates by 10s of %.
Sara Gifford
ActiVote, Daily Democracy
A few approaches we try: - Make sure it comes from a real person not an info@ email address. Put a real name in there as well. - Testing before hand if it will go to the Promotions folder in gmail based on the subject we select - Avoiding the word free or exclamation points in the subject
Maxwell Davis
TweetStores - Launching 3rd February 🚀
Keeping an eye on this one - thanks for posting
Omar Laoudai
Marketing & Growth Manager
-Keep Your Email List Clean. -Segment and Personalize. -Write a Better Subject Line. -Send the Right Number of Emails. -Send Your Emails at the Right Time. -Better Emails Lead to Better Open Rates, For That i Recommand using this tool That Provides You With Validated Emails Through Embedded email verification