How to get attention when submitting a chrome extension to Product Hunt?

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As the title suggested, I wonder how to organize the launch better on this platform. Look forward to hearing your advice.


Avi Gupta
Start creating some content around your product on platforms like Twitter. Build a small community i.e people who are excited for you product's launch. Also, do engage with other products that are recently launched.
@avigupttaa Great advice! If you can find 10 people who don't know you & who are REALLY excited about using your app, then scaling that number is a lot easier than trying to reach everyone at once from the get-go.
Fabian Maume
What is your extension doing? For me starting a discussion about the issue it solved worked well:
Svetlana Bulega
With the release of our product's extension, R4P Customer Cather, we are working the same strategy as a product release.