Are you using hashtags on LinkedIn?

Fabian Maume
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I'm curious to know : are you using hashtags on LinkedIn? I think that hashtag is an underused feature of LinkedIn but it is a powerful one. Hashtag is one of the only way to distribute your content outside of your network. PS: I'm hunting a small chrome extension which can help you get the most of LinkedIn hashtags: Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Hashtag


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Not yet but I will testing out the extension.
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When I ran social for a data science platform I made sure to always include a few hashtags, it seemed like one of the only ways to get my content seen by a super wide audience. Hashtag research was pretty critical for me to see what these audiences were discussing within and outside of data science.
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I wasn't, but now I will. Thanks for the great extension!
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I do, but I'll definitely try to do it more consciously with your extension. Thanks the hint.
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I used to use a couple of hashtags for 1 post. Recently I have been using only 1 or 2 hashtags. What I do is search the hashtag in the search bar & depending on the number of followers use it. You can see the difference
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Yes! very useful
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Not yet but would like to have a test
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I didn't use the hashtags before, because of that I don't have a good response on my LinkedIn account. Then I start posting articles on LinkedIn using hashtags. Within 2 weeks I got 2 job offers. Thanks to theinacademy which helped me a lot and guide me that how to use LinkedIn in the right way. They just teach me the difference between LinkedIn articles and posts, and how to use hashtags in posts properly.
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@emily_julia Interesting. How did you choose the hashtag for your articles?
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Definitely Yes. Using relevant hashtags are really important to reach your audience.
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hum, good idea. I never thought of using hashtags on LinkedIn
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Yes, trending hashtags will help you to get more traffic.