How to find early customers who want free marketing?

Sudeep Chauhan
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Hi builders and founders, My team just built a marketing platform, and I'm looking for first few businesses and products that we can market. As we are new, we are willing to do marketing for free (thousand organic clicks, no credit card, no catch), in exchange for feedback and testimonial. The problem is, how do we find app developers and businesses to send this message through? I am trying reddit, linkedin, but the response is scattered, and either the developers I know are either too advanced to need any help, or still in early development state. All help is appreciated, specifically: - If you're one such founder, or know someone who could try us, please let us know/comment. - If you have strategies, or suggestions based on your experience in early growth, please share!. How we work: Instead of businesses running Ads, we pay individual creators/influencers to market a product. Depending on the traffic they generate for the business or product. We have several content creators / influencers, but we need businesses for these people to promote :)


Fabian Maume
Why don't you pay your creator to promote your platform? It sounds to me that you have issue marketing yourself, which doesn't inspire trust for a product selling marketing. :) Are you influencers/creators focus on a specific industry? App developers is quite a wide audience. Do you have some criteria to narrow the search?
Sudeep Chauhan
@fabian_maume Thanks Fabian. Yes we are doing that, but we also want other products to try us. Before a wider launch, we need some feedback and testimonials from other products (with or without them paying us).
Lalit Pandey
Hey, I would suggest you this. - Get active on platform your potential customers are. It can be Twitter, Linkedin or Product hunt itself. - Check out their marketing efforts. Suggest what they can add to the marketing to make it better. Don't sell your product. Sell the value it creates. At least 12 friendly pitches. If they'll find value, they will contact you. Pitch your product as a freebie then.
Sudeep Chauhan
@lastyprsfe Thank you Lalit! I'm doing this, the only issue with PH is that there's no way to send direct messages.
Matt Benites
It might be helpful to look in the market that your content creators influence in. Also, I'm a founder in a startup and this sounds interesting! Would love to pick your brain and maybe be a test-run for you!
Sudeep Chauhan
@musecca Thank you Matt! How do I connect with you?
Hey Sundeep.. so if I understand correctly, you establish marketing of a product via influencers n content creators. Im assuming you are somehow creating backlinks? Can you talk me further please?