How long did it take you (or your team) to launch first iteration of functional products?

Sudeep Chauhan
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Hi there, My team is soon going to release another product, and we had hoped for faster development this time, but it still took pretty long (~8 weeks) I'm wondering, how long does it, or did it take for you guys to launch your products? (not talking about just landing page with waitlists, but actual product that users can use)


Dagobert Renouf
It took us around 14 months (full time). We had a general idea, but it took a lot of figuring out how to best approach the problem. We had an initial direction that we changed 180degrees after 6 months, as we realized it could never work. Then it took us quite a bit of time to design and build everything. We could have been way faster though.
Nik Hazell
It took us something like 5 months from idea to launch - but only about 2 weeks of development time. In some ways fast, in others slow!