How often you tend to fill the Feedback/NPS surveys in your Emails?

ankita singh
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Do you think feedbacks via Emails still add to any value to your product?


Julia Shandrokha
I do it almost every time I get an email with a survey. Would be happy to see more answers here as I also make such surveys for our company sometimes :)
ankita singh
@julia_shandrokha That's so nice that you take out time for it It's sad to see most of such emails remain unopened
Martina Hackbartt
To be honest, I'm my worst nightmare. I don't fill the surveys UNLESS I have a strong opinion on the product (good or bad)
Zaid Qureshi
I only give feedback or fill out surveys when I am super pissed or super happy with the product, nothing in between gives me the urge to fill the survey.
Riia Jarvenpaa
I do it always if I have time :) It's just that I'm getting so much mail, that I have to forward all except the mail coming from the people I've marked as Priority 1 to a specific folder.