How often you read newsletters?

Divya Rajendran
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Most of us signup for newsletters, but how many of us frequently check the newsletters and be up to date? Hi Folks, It's a small survey, please comment on your experience and what distractions you face ( reading newsletters / couldn't read ) Thanks in advance😊


When I actively subscribe to a newsletter, I'm going to read it, or at least the parts I'm interested in. When I receive newsletter I didn't make much efforts to receive, I usually won't read it
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@rubenwolff Thanks mate! for your answer:)
Founder, Restep #NoCode
Maybe one a day, usually Seth Godin's one cause it's short & insightful. I routinely unsubscribe from "aggregators" who just post a collection of articles.
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@dkaravias Hmm Same thing as i do :D .. Thanks for your reply 🙏
busy making things weird
i read them every day. but i also unsubscribe from ones i find myself not excited to open.
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@missjenny What you think your inbox pour with lost of emails while opening a mail for read newsletters? Have you used any software to seggregate newsletters?
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Not often, unless it's something I'm very very interested in. There's so much noise, it really needs to be vital.
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@sidehustleswipe Yeah i accept that. Thanks
Computational Linguist
Depends on the list/source.
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@aditya_joshi7 Great, Thanks for your reply:)