How much does the tech stack matter when raising funding?

Raphael Voellmy
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Title pretty much says it all. When building a product should I invest in cutting edge technologies? Let's say I have a company and have to hire a software developer. I can chose between a not so experienced engineer who has experience in very hype technologies (say Elixir and React). Or I can choose a highly experienced software developer who happens to be moste experienced in a not so hyped technology (say PHP or Java). Which one would an investor prefer?


Dimitris Karavias
Between the developers, passion beats experience (but having both beats everything). For web tech, usually the technology doesn't matter at all. Investors mainly care about the market size and proving your product has demand in that market. So pick whatever lets you build faster and focus on your users.
Sergio Mattei
It matters exactly zero, whether it's investors or customers.
Raphael Voellmy
@matteing But if you're choosing an outdated tech for your product, won't you have problems hiring down the road? I feel like this should concern investors
Matthew Johnson
Not a single investor has asked about our tech stack
John Radford
I think it depends on the round