How many new visitors did you get on your landing page last week?

Alexey Shashkov
38 replies
Hey, makers! 🙌 How many new people visited your landing page last week? I've got +218 new visitors on Share your traffic.


Nik Hazell
Nice! What are you using for the dashboard? Is that coming through as well?
Alexey Shashkov
@nik_hazell Hey Nik. This is a good question. Actually, we're still working on our MVP and don't open our dashboard yet. That traffic converts into subscribers on the waitlist only.
Harry Pardoe
Not so many for us at Snowball ( 22 users, 18 unique. We've been having a discussion about the best way to drive traffic (cost and true underlying interest in the cause). Any advice...?
Alexey Shashkov
@harry_pardoe1 Hi Harry. Are these 18 unique users signed up users or just visitors on the website?
Harry Pardoe
@shashcoffe Hi alexey - they're visitors. Probably 6 sign-ups. The sign-up rate from the traffic we get isn't so bad, it's just traffic driving we're trying to work out just now...
Solomon Bush
Woah! Nice going @shashcoffe ! I need to get to your level. I think I had like 25 - 30.
Alexey Shashkov
@solomon_bush Hey, Solomon! Thx=) What are your channels for getting these 25-30 visitors per week?
Solomon Bush
@shashcoffe No problem! So I am using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Product Hunt. :) How about you?
Solomon Bush
@shashcoffe That's really cool. I have heard several people mentioning Quora now. I'll have to check that out. Which referrer are you seeing the most traffic from?
Harry Pardoe
@shashcoffe - do you have an invite code I can use for Indie Hackers Alexey?
Alexey Shashkov
@harry_pardoe1 Yes. I can give you this invite. DM me on or
Julia Doronina
We had 405 new users :)
Alexey Shashkov
@julia_demyanchuk Howdy, Julia! Are these signed-up users into your product or just visitors on the website?
Julia Doronina
@shashcoffe thanks! 405 visitors, yes, and 20 new subscribers
Stefan Smiljkovic
That's a nice question. Around 640 users, and 778 sessions on
Alexey Shashkov
@stefan_smiljkovic Wow! This is great, man! I like Thanks for sharing your numbers, Stefan!
Dawn Veltri
I love watching your progress!
Arda Helvacılar
We got +410 on and it feels great to see some organic!
Ashley Cheng
Hi Alexey, is this after/on the week of launching on Product Hunt?
Amin Mossadek
Good job, can you share your work how you managed that?
Sonia Belokur
I had 112 users on 96 of them are new :) Try to do my best!
Not much yet on , but just getting started so i look forward to seeing similar numbers by the end of the year. Thanks for sharing.
Nikita Dutta
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