How many hours a day do you work?

Veranika Vinichenka
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In the CIS there is a rule of eight working hours, but in fact some work much more or much less. How many hours a day do you have and how many are optimal for you?


Roman Golik
totally depends on projects involved, common practice around 10h a day, although could be more +weekends if urgent or projects I do like
John Champ
I would say around 7 hours each day on average. 2-3 for marketing/support/various tasks and 4-5 for coding/design. It depends though and I might work more or less based on the workload. I tend to not overwork myself though because after many years it is clear to me that it affects me negatively both personally and professionally in the long run.
Veranika Vinichenka
@pixelcave_john it's great that you mix tasks, for sure it helps to be more efficient in general. Yes, I fully support the story with a long-term perspective, because a high load can be a plus only on sprints
Douglas Jimenez
About 8 hours, but lately I've been procrastinating a lot on my remote work
Veranika Vinichenka
@raulljimenez Maybe it's all about fatigue and it's time to get some rest?)
Veranika Vinichenka
@chandan_shopify while working from home, do you stretch those 8 hours or is it more like an office schedule?
Murray Nema
It depends on the project that my team and I are working on but it's usually 8-11 hrs.
Veranika Vinichenka
@uliennema_killingsnp 11 o'clock sounds like "you can get tired" :) however, I myself work about the same, many thanks for the answer!
Shiva Prabhakaran
3 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Mayank Gupta
7-8 hours a day. Some days when its less work, then 5-6 hours. Basically depends on the work I have in hand.
Mahesh Yadav
It actually totally depend on the work, sometimes it extend beyond 9hr a day
its changes always but i will work minimum 8 to 9 hours daily
Dimitris Karavias
I'm not sure! I might only do 5 hours of "productive work" somedays but then spend hours researching, learning, & participating in conversations like these. Some of my biggest wins happened incidentally in the second category. The hard part is to use this time mindfully and not procrastinate.
Veranika Vinichenka
@dkaravias In fact, I am sure that if there're not spending time on research, study and communication, it's easy for getting bogged down in tactical tasks and losing global thinking, something like that) It seems that five hours to solve work problems + several hours to research = an ideal scheme
ali ata
I have weekly tasks from my jobs, so it depends on my tasks, but a lot lol :)
Prateek Mathur
10 hours a day at this time, especially since im building my own product. 7 hours of sleep, 4 hours with my kids & 3 hours reading, watching tv & doing nothing.
Veranika Vinichenka
@prateek_mathur Oh, it is clear that you know how to plan your time. Can you please tell me how you manage to follow the plan? Or has it already become a habit?
Prateek Mathur
@nika_vinichenko Lol! Yes, I can plan my day and overtime this plan has stuck but there are still a lot of days when I am unable to stick to this plan. Honestly, this has happened after managing my calendar the right way and prioritizing my family over work.