How do you measure your stress level?

Veranika Vinichenka
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Roman Golik
@nika_vinichenko well.. good question indeed) my method is to find life/work balance. No matter how you are enthusiastic or involved in work processes, I always get some time for myself, to calm down, stay alone, think through results and further goals, etc
Dimitris Karavias
My focus! When I'm stressed my mind jumps around. So when I realise I've checked all social media 5 times in the last hour I know it's reset time.
Ruben Wolff
The strength of stomach aches, and maybe too much energy, making it hard to focus when too stressed
Veranika Vinichenka
@rubenwolff Wow, interesting! By the way, I have stomach pains at the maximum level of stress. This happened a few times in my life and seems as a limit of my nervous system