how has your experience been working from home so far?

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Julia Doronina
It's really hard to find the work-life balance, and my dog always wanted to take part in my Zoom calls :)
Side Hustle Swipe
Love it. I have to make myself be social outside of working hours but I feel like I waste far less time.
Alice Rodgers
I like Hubspot Hybrid working policy I would take Flex
It's been amazing and I love it!
Pierre Kraus
I like it for flexibility but when I have to be fully remote I also miss the social interactions that you can have in person.
Jonathan Yan
Remote work has been going well so far! I like the flexibility and comfortability of being able to work wherever you like and at your own pace. At oVice, we provide our users with access to virtual spaces within the Metaverse, giving them the ability customize their space and make it their own! Our goal is to really promote connectedness, productivity and collaboration by allowing our users to interact with their peers in real time. Check us out at to take a look around and see how the platform works. :)