How do you work on your mental health and quality of life?

Ivan Burban
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Most people have different approaches, share yours!


Becoming a better person.
Your physical health contributes a lot to your mental health as well. Workout, eat healthy food, meditate and also read books. Make a schedule and follow that accordingly.
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1. Not put yourself unnessery disscusion 2. Do exercise and yoga every day 3. Live in present 4. Learn everyday
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2 sides to it. 1. Improve my health, especially cutting down sugar, caffeine, junk. Increased meat protein, fish, quality fats. Observe the effects on my days & weeks. 2. Taking advantage I'm bipolar. I have ups & downs like everyone but sometimes they get intense. I've learned it's counterproductive to fight. When I'm approaching mania I let go of most routine & discipline and let myself go on a creative frenzy. Energy & ideas come effortlessly, risks aren't scary, our rocket ship is unstoppable! When I realise I'm depressed I cool down. I sleep more, eat specific comforting healthy foods (to me these are chicken soup, fish, steak), make sure I do at least a couple healthy activities, avoid any meetings I can. The point is you need to be true about who you are, ignore who you think you should be, and maximize this true person's performance using your quirks as superpowers.
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@dkaravias yes, more you know yourself, easier it is to have better life..I like your approach
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1. Exercise 2. Spend time with people who aren’t in tech and think about totally different things 3. Cats
I started meditating and walking in the fresh air for at least 30 minutes a day, if possible, without thinking about work issues
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