How do you validate your startup Idea before user interviews?

Joseph Abraham
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I'm creating a quick video on startup validation, would love to hear you, and gain a perspective of how your validated your startup idea before you moved to the user interview phase, was it gut, inkling or was there some data behind the idea/problem you were solving for?


1. Think of one person you know who has the problem you are trying to solve. 2. Google the problem. Then decide. Meaning, check your world, check the real world, proceed.
Bahaa Mahagne
Start with your network. ... Interview some customers. ... Ask, “Why?” ... Find the value proposition.
Namrata Arya
It’s always a good idea to see if there’s data to back it up. Google search data is a good place to start. If people are googling how to solve that problem then you’re on the right track. The google keyword planner is a free tool anyway 🤷‍♀️
David J. Kim
According to YCombinator ideally it's a problem you have yourself. Drew Houston founded Dropbox after the frustration of leaving his USB at home and having to go back and pick it up for whatever he was doing.
Trying to sell the idea as a MVP like Drew Houston did with Dropbox