According to you, What makes a great community 🌟 ?

Joseph Abraham
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We are building a community for SaaS founders, leaders and professionals, your answers would truly help me and my team. Thanks in advance 🙌🏼 🙏


Nik Hazell
Have a look at some of the digital marketing slack communities for examples of what NOT to do. 30,000 users, and the average post probably gets less than one engagement! On a more positive note, a bit of gamification goes a long way (i.e. Reddit or PH!).
Shekhar Chandra
Clearly defined topic/theme of the community. For example, IH or reddit are great but the groups and subreddit specific to a topic are more attractive to me.
Joseph Abraham
@shekhar_chandra : Thanks a lot Shekhar, absolutely themes are are the one of the important fibers that connect the whole community 🌟😀
Closed communities with learning opportunity