How do you track bugs? 🐞

Nim Ron
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Bug collection, organization, and fixing tend to become messy and slow down the progress. How do you tackle it with your team?


Isabella Salzmann
Hey there, Hope you're doing well. We are a bug reporting tool for apps and websites called Gleap. Gleap provides developers with all the tools they need to reproduce bugs 10x faster, fix them at the speed of light and make their users happy. You might want to check it out and let me know what you guys think. Would be awesome to get some feedback. ➡️ Cheers, Isabella
Johnny Fekete
@isabella_salzmann just testing your tool, it looks super cool! 🤩
Isabella Salzmann
@johnnyfekete sounds awesome thanks for the feedback. Feel free to reach out to us on twitter or via our Gleap widget on the website if you have questions or insights for us 🙌
Git. Like everyone else.
Mohsen Kamrani
@dara_burke1 Cannot imagine relying on git unless working on open source project. IMO it's pretty basic.