How do you track an expense like paid subs for your business?

Rose Barrett 🌹🍀
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We're at a stage where we need a clearer picture of outgoings. I know in previous roles we sent round an email to the team to ask them which platforms they had signed up to and the details and then reconciled that with the bank a/c. I'm interested to see if there are better processes or takes on how to do this? We're using Quickbooks online but I'm just wrapping my head around that platform as it's a new tool for me.


Daniel Kyne
Hey Rose - could be worth checking our Cledara ( This is pretty much their exact use case. I met the founder, Cristina Vila Vives, at Web Summit back in November, so can do an intro if you'd like :)
Rose Barrett 🌹🍀
@daniel_kyne Thanks Daniel, I'll run it by the team and see what they think. I'm just in the door so figuring out what our need is atm and what makes sense as we grow. Much appreciated.
Junior Derouenson
@daniel_kyne Yeah its really easy and simple for last 2 years we are using it for and it had make our work so easy. I can easily observe and do analysis of our team work.
Samir Moussa
Hi Rose! Would you like to check out what our team is building?