How do you switch from a toxic environment to a new one?

If you don't have time between the jobs - how do you switch from a toxic environment to the new one without bringing the negativity and other psychological barriers with you?


Bjorn S
Wow that seems like a very difficult situation. Being aware of a toxic environment is a big up already if you ask me. Being aware helps with knowing what might hurt and shouldn't be part of that. I feel a way to getting a good start might be writing down what made the previous situation toxic for you and appreciating the differences. Depending on the team, maybe be honest upfront and tell them honestly you came from a bit of a different experience in a previous team and be upfront about what you hope to achieve with this team?
Daniil Glezer
With a smile 😃
Marin Petrov
Talking and listening to each other. I actually can't stress enough the importance of bringing up these "elephant in the room" conversations and listening to what is needed. Some of these conversations are hard, unpleasant and painful. But by hiding behind the comfort of not bringing this up, it can get even messier.
Jaromir Dvoracek
Do you meen switch in terms of minutes (from one project to another) or in terms of days (from one job/contract to another)?
Anton Ross
It is best to spend 1-2 days without gadgets and toxic people! Don't think about work, plans, ideas and dreams - just relax your brain