How do you support the PARTY MOOD throughout the week?

Natalie Karakina
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People like it when you're in a party mood. What your lifehacks to be a great performer as well as a party guy at the same time?


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Not much of a party person myself. I like to think everyone is different, so my positive mood will be different from someone else's positive mood. Instead of trying to fit into other people's idea of a "party mood", I just try to be the best I can personally be!
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@ddiniiz thank u! Will think about it ⭐️
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Party mood will lose its appeal if it were 'on' all the time.. Lifehack to be a great performer and a party guy - choose a career in Party life like a DJ or something..
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@gogloballakshmi LoL))) thanks!
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Have 5 "wells" in your life – eat well, sleep well, fuck well, study well, sport well :)
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@artkhromov niiice!))) full well-being
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I think it's important to keep your artist and party-goer separate because they can interfere with each other. Why don't you be a good specialist and have fun with friends in the evening or just use magic mushrooms for more fun or concentration