How do you spin all your plates without dropping them?

Waqar Wasti
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Hey fellow makers & founders 👋 As founders, you have to juggle a lot.. At a high level you have - product, strategy, sales, marketing, management. but, we know each one of these is a full time job themselves I've been working on Ventroduce (already launched) for 4+ months, and will drop balls every now and again! Are there any tools/frameworks you use to prioritizing what you work on? how do you make sure you're going in the right direction? I use and like clickup (tool) & traction by gino wickman (framework)


Well I have a co-founder that deals with all the technical stuff. Together we have a pretty detailed feature list per release and each release is in Trello as a board. For the rest of it we use Discord for our notes - our app is actually for a Twitch Extension and Discord tends to be where gamers live so we thought we'd cover our community/customer service and our own notes in the same place. Interestingly as things developed organically we ended up with a lot of stuff in a large PowerPoint pack - with everything from the business case to marketing to competitor analysis. Not the best I know! We haven't launched yet but one of our pre-launch tasks is to really productionize the business so I'm very interested to hear how others are managing it too!