Biggest learning from your first, or last, ProductHunt Launch?

Waqar Wasti
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Producthunt is a great platform to shine a light on what you're building It can help get a lot of eyes on your product and bring in your early users (who then can support & provide valuable feedback) But, it's a big project working towards your listing date Whether this is your first launch or you're fourth.. I'd be curious to hear your biggest learning so far Mine has to be getting the right people on-board as early as possible Cheers! Waq


Monil Shah
Our biggest learning has been to create an online community of sorts and invite people to it, along with the usual Product Hunt listing. We lost some folks in that aspect cause we didn't have a community, but we set one up this week and are excited to see what happens! Here's us: https://www.bluegreenanalytics.c...
Shrey Gupta
My biggest learning is initial upvotes are very important. It can give you eyeballs and many organic upvotes which results in top position.