How do you recognize and manage stress?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Howdy makers!We all know how hard it gets to handle life, take care of projects and juggle things as makers. And we end up with a lot of stress. So I'm curious how do you all manage it? What kind of methods do you use to cope up in life!Drop your comments below and share your wisdom!


Sharath Kuruganty
I will go first. When I tend to be inauthentic or not taking action, that is when I'm extremely stressed. Taking deep breaths and long walks certainly helps but having a morning routine made a significant impact. Here it is if you are curious: - 5mins of gratitude journaling - 10mins of guided meditation - 10mins of simple body workout - Spending some time with my newborn son(recently added to the routine 😊) Doing so keeps me in perspective and helps me recharge.
Thanks for starting this thread Sharath! Some things I try to do every day to manage stress: - 10mins meditation each morning - 15 to 30mins time aside to have a coffee and read a book/article - Some form of exercise (currently either running or tennis) Always on the lookout for new habits to adopt to improve mind/body ! Keen to see what other people share 😊
Apollo Aetos
Great question! A simple tip is to be intentional in taking time to NOT work. Yoga, journal, a short walk, something to clear the mind! Then, I'm much more productive in the time I AM working.
Pierre Kraus
Stress is not always easy to deal with. To manage stress when I get overwhelmed, I try to stay connected in the present moment as much as I can (easier said than done though, at least for me). When it comes to methods, I 100% agree with you, a morning routine helps a lot (becomes a second nature to start your day). I also exercise a lot (Jiu-Jitsu mainly). Taking some time off to just chill/catch up with friends helps to re-energize.
Olivia Masoon
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Mavlonbek Muratov
Why not try to avoid stress in the first place?
Cody Krecicki
Say these words to yourself and believe them when you notice stress, “Is what I’m thinking frivolous fun to know information or is what I’m thinking going to get me stuck and going to stop me from growing.” The let go. We’re only human and we’ll always be the best at beating ourselves up. Better than anyone could physically kick our own butt.
Scholar Gaurav
I do minimum 30 minutes of Meditation. The easiest way to do meditate is to watch your breath: breath in & breath out.
Chandan Maruthi
I go for a drive or take a long walk. Sometimes I just disconnect and watch a movie. When I come back I am both clear in my mind and energized to solve the problem at hand
Derek Duban
Pacing back and forth. Music. Game breaks. Making gifs with the TV on because that relaxes me. Go for a drive. I also avoid stress. Notifications are turned off on my phone - so I control spigot of things to do next. A good night's sleep without an alarm clock. Scheduled zoom time with friends that are completely unworked-related.
Onwuchekwa Ngozi
Drink water,relax and cool your brain
Fajar Siddiq
Seek professional help from experts.
I will play games
Christian Samuel
Stress is a kind of problem that humans face, right from creation. The Bible lets us understand that it is good to work and have rest every week. Then it points out that Sunday should be a resting day after He created man in His image. From a theological standpoint, everyone on Earth should work, as you work, you think and create two or three hours to have rest before you continue from where you stop. I think that is the only way to control stress.
Akash T
1. 1 hr exercise (walk, jog, meditation) 2. Time Blocking practice. (Better control over the day through this.) 3. Having Gratitude and Perspective 4. Separate work time and play time.
Abhishek Yadav
To manage stress when I get overwhelmed, I try to stay connected in the present moment as much as I can