How do you prove your skills?

Geetanjali Shrivastava
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From CVs to LinkedIn profiles and personal websites, we always list our skills as professionals to push recruiters / potential clients to pick us over the other candidates. 🤔 But what happens if someone asks for proof of those skills? 🤔 Do you share certificates of courses? 🤔 What if it's a skill you've acquired through self-learning? 🤔 What is your go-to method of getting skill validations?


John Michael
Make a kind of portfolio. Keep it with yourself to show to anyone.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@john_michael123 That's great, and does work. But do people always have the time to go through your work?
Nabeel Amir
Sharing your portfolio is the main thing; other than this, you can even ask the other person to give you a task so that you can show what you are capable of doing.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@nabeel_amir Sure, that makes sense. A task would allow recruiters also to narrow down the candidates.
Qudsia Ali
Professionals frequently face the issue of determining what makes them unique. Many people say it's challenging to find time to reflect on their careers and what they've learned, which makes it difficult to explain and convince others. It is critical to be clear about what you can give as you progress to the following level. Obtaining Professional Practice certifications provides an opportunity to reflect. Seeking Professional Practice credentials is an opportunity to take time to reflect,' she says. 'Participants benefit from the recognition and the requirement to think critically about what they know.' and how to prove or explain this to others.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@qudsia_ali What bothers me about professional certifications is how easy it is to get them without having truly learnt anything. There are so many online courses today that allow people to progress and even get a final certificate, without checking if the skills have truly been acquired. How do people solve that?
Rajat Girhotra
It is so hard to make a portfolio and keep it updated while managing a full time job and even harder if the work is confidential. Companies also give long tasks and expect candidates to finish it, while the candidate has to deal with a full time job, also not to mention the task is unpaid. Certificates are a nice way. I think there has to be some other way by which skills can be validated. So it’s not hard on the candidate. What do you think?
The ideal way to showcase and prove your skills would be a combination of social proof and technical validation. A place where you can show that your community approves your work but at the same time there is a digital verification for it.
Reece Jones
Biggest one that comes to mind is referrals. If YOU tell me you can do something, I might believe you. But if my friend tells me you can do it, I'll believe them.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
@reecekjones Right! What would be cool is you could validate people's skills and provide referrals for work done in a way that is more credible. A lot like it's done on some platforms already, but in a smarter, easier way for both parties.
Reece Jones
@geetanjalishrivastava Yes! Like LinkedIn tried to do with their skills section and all that, but better.
I remembered, back in the 1990s, a department head asked me to assist in interviewing candidates for his network admin role. There was this one candidate he really liked because the guy aced his network certification exam and knows everything in any published network admin book. When, it was my turn to ask him questions, I took out a network cable and just cut the RJ45 Jack and asked him, do you know how to crimp a network cable? He looked at me and said no. After that meeting, I told the department head, no to this guy. How can you manage a network if you don't know the basics of connecting pcs, routers and servers. The department head insisted that he wants to hire him. A little over 4 months into the job, he fired the guy. Giving an applicant a short task or logic questions that can be done in 5 minutes to 10 minutes max, is a good way to prove a skill, in my opinion. I will be launching in PH soon, One of the productivity apps is a Job Listing System for small businesses.
Dylan Merideth
Build things and point at them