How do you prepare for meetings with new people?

Nim Ron
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Would love to hear how you research and prepare before business meetings with new people🤝


Pablo Palmitas
I do my homework regarding the company. What is the history / values / timeline / interesting facts / important dates Then I do research about the person using public channels like LinkedIn or Product Hunt. Where is the person from / what's the background / education / interests
Nim Ron
@pablo_palmitas Thanks Pablo. When do you do that? On the same day/ on the weekend before...? How long does it usually take you?
Carsten Pleiser
Check out their LinkedIn, check out their Twitter, check out their website, read some of their content.
Jason Cavness
I look them up on various social media channels and do a google search.
Sara Gifford
Besides the normal research (LinkedIn / Bio / Background) I look at all of those sites with a specific question in mind "How can I be helpful to this person?" If I can find one way to be helpful, then that typically sets the conversation off to a great start!
Davyd Gromenko
Hi Nim, Great question. Many brought up info-research about the person they're about to meet. In my case, however, when it comes meeting new people I start with questioning the essence of the meeting. Not individual as such. The moment I know we're reciprocally valuable I start looking for common touchpoints to bond around. Lately I've been emphasizing the importance of "communication cues". Those little things that you know / remember about people communication's specifics can make it way easier to understand each other. If we're talking "pure business", I try to understand their needs on the granular level and how I (company) can fit into their demand. Hope you find this answer useful 😉
Elena Cirera
I try to gather complete information about them and set an agenda for the meeting. Official meetings are different than personal chatting. If I am going away from my plan during the meeting, I try to move around pre-set meeting objectives.
Daniel Galante
I have to admit - I don't spend enough time preparing for meetings. I usually just scan the person's LI profile really quickly.
Alexander Eser
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