How do you prepare for meetings with new people?

Nim Ron
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Would love to hear how you research and prepare before business meetings with new people🤝


Pablo Palmitas
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I do my homework regarding the company. What is the history / values / timeline / interesting facts / important dates Then I do research about the person using public channels like LinkedIn or Product Hunt. Where is the person from / what's the background / education / interests
Nim Ron
Co-Founder & CEO of Amy
@pablo_palmitas Thanks Pablo. When do you do that? On the same day/ on the weekend before...? How long does it usually take you?
Carsten Pleiser
2 x Founder • Advisor • Angel Investor
Check out their LinkedIn, check out their Twitter, check out their website, read some of their content.
Jason Cavness
CEO/Founder of CavnessHR
I look them up on various social media channels and do a google search.
Sara Gifford
ActiVote, Daily Democracy
Besides the normal research (LinkedIn / Bio / Background) I look at all of those sites with a specific question in mind "How can I be helpful to this person?" If I can find one way to be helpful, then that typically sets the conversation off to a great start!
Davyd Gromenko
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Hi Nim, Great question. Many brought up info-research about the person they're about to meet. In my case, however, when it comes meeting new people I start with questioning the essence of the meeting. Not individual as such. The moment I know we're reciprocally valuable I start looking for common touchpoints to bond around. Lately I've been emphasizing the importance of "communication cues". Those little things that you know / remember about people communication's specifics can make it way easier to understand each other. If we're talking "pure business", I try to understand their needs on the granular level and how I (company) can fit into their demand. Hope you find this answer useful 😉
Elena Cirera
I am the Product Owner @ Vidmonials
I try to gather complete information about them and set an agenda for the meeting. Official meetings are different than personal chatting. If I am going away from my plan during the meeting, I try to move around pre-set meeting objectives.
Daniel Galante
Senior Product Manager
I have to admit - I don't spend enough time preparing for meetings. I usually just scan the person's LI profile really quickly.