How do you or your team discuss who will move onto the next round after the initial interview?

Jenny Kim
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Hi there, I'm a product marketer at RoundUp and doing some research around how teams share/discuss feedback after they interview candidates ("Is he/she the right candidate for us?") because we've heard this can be a rather lengthy and annoying part to deal with :) We just launched a MVP called RoundUp, which is a free Chrome extension you can install onto Google Meet: It's essentially a small lil popup that appears inside the video call, and everyone joining the online interview can jot down their notes and submit their comments on a candidate. Everyone's feedback then gets culled into a dashboard site, and the person in charge of recruitment (HR) can see it all in one place. The question is, I'd like to understand if this would be actually helpful for HR managers. If you are in charge of recruiting employees: Is this actually an annoying part of your job? Do you think making people submit comments from Google Meet will actually help? Do you often have to chase people to get some type of feedback in writing? Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated! (You can just google us "roundup ai chrome" to get to our Chrome page).
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